Danielle D'Souza Gill Joins Her Dad to Talk About Abortion


A big development in Kansas, which some people who have focused solely on the election primaries have not emphasized. But there was a referendum in Kansas, the point of the referendum was to modify a provision in the Kansas state constitution that would return the abortion issue to the legislature. And this was up before the people of Kansas and they voted the amendment down, which is to say they voted to keep the constitution as it is, and you might say, protect abortion rights, abortion rights, so called in Kansas. Now, Kansas is a moderately conservative state, and so the left is celebrating this. Wow, the abortion issue has so much political traction for us. It's going to help us to promote our promote Democrats in the midterms. So I kind of wanted to get your take on what's happened in Kansas and what is this a message to the pro life movement to gear up? It is because the left is going to stoop to any level to do any kind of disinformation campaign to really scare people into thinking that things are much worse than they are in reality, Kansas is a conservative state. There are solidly pro life state. And even in Kansas, there are only actually have in the whole state a couple abortion clinics. And of course, that is a couple too many clinics, but in reality that this state they're saying is becoming this Mecca of abortion now. People around another states can come to Kansas for abortion, but we're really talking about really just very few people who I think are these very radical pro abortion advocates. And they were the ones who turned up who really got other people to show up by, I think, scaring them. And they're thinking that perhaps the laws were different than they were. And I think the pro life side probably thought, oh, you know, roe V wade's overturned. So we're good to go now and we can just rely on the states to be conservative and pro life that they will pass the laws we want, but the other side really showed up and unfortunately our side didn't.

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