Doug Collins and Matt Whitaker Discuss the Left's 'Judicial Activism'


Line, we got former active attorney general Matt winner, good friend of mine, got to know him a lot. We sort of traded books. He's been in my books. But Matt, it is good to have you on how you been today. I'm doing awesome. My friend, how are you? Happy Independence Day. Hey man, happy independence. It's good to celebrate it, isn't it? You know. We have the best country in the world. Well, and we just always need to remember the Patriots that gave the ultimate sacrifice or were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice. Not only to secure our liberty, but also to defend it for the last almost 250 years. It's really a celebration of just what makes America great, I think. Oh, I agree with you completely and looking at it. But I want to turn my attention, of course, we've had a, I think, and I said it in the first segment today. The left is calling a judicial activism. We're simply calling it back to reality and interpreting interpreting the law in a constitutional. I mean, what we're seeing out there right now is that it reminds me of the scene from The Wizard of Oz, the liberals. I don't think it's amazing because actual real law. But I want you to respond to this. I mean, what bothers me about this though is the president has been overseas. He's been to G 7. Whatever, but he's been there. But then when he had the opportunity when he starts talking about it, he actually degrades our court on a world stage. I want you to listen to this and I want to get your comments on this. I'm joined by a group of democratic governors. We work closely to protect women's rights after this tragic reversal of roe V wade. The terrible extreme decision in my view, upending lives and impacting on the health and safety of millions of women. And I share the public outrage at this extremist court that's committed to moving America backwards. And now Matt, come on. I mean, he said this day, but he said it on world stage. Tell me, what is this court extremist, except they didn't know what they want. No, I mean, I think this restores constitutional jurisprudence closer to the constitution. And I've never, you know, the Democrats are always talking about democracy, right? They're always like, we're a democracy. We're actually we're a constitutional republic, but let's not quibble. Ultimately, the people are sovereign. And this opinion restored the power of this issue to the people and to the

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