Rev. James Harden on the String of Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Attacks


So it seems in a couple days, maybe a couple of weeks, the United States Supreme Court is going to repeal roe versus wade, which would bring abortion, which send abortion back down to the states. It's a state's rights issue. Unfortunately, as this has been rumored because it was illegally leaked, still no arrest because of the leak. We have started to see in a mass amount of violence against pro life centers, across America, firebombing, and vandalism. One of those centers is happen in New York City and the person who runs that is the guy by the name of James R Hardin, reverend James R Hardin, who's the CEO of compass care pregnancy services, and he joins us right now. James, welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. Thank you. It's an honor to be here with you, Charlie. Tell us about what happened to your clinic. Well, about a week ago Tuesday, police and fire rescue responded to smoke coming out of our facility at two 30 in the morning. And they arrived to find broken glass and fire excellent in our facility and on the wall was scrawled Jane was here. A signature kind of trademark for a pro abortion terrorist group called Jane's revenge. James revenge refers to an underground abortion group in Chicago in the 1960s called the janes collective. And so they're not about women's rights. They're not about choice. They're about abortion. Their motto is if abortion isn't safe, then neither are you. And their intent was to shut us down into scare us, but they didn't. We were up and running the very next day. We had to reroute patients out to our Russia facility. Put some hardship in our patients, but we're continuing to serve patients even now. We will stop and we're not

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