John Zmirak Describes the Left's Desire for a Hacienda Society


What is Starbucks, Microsoft, Google, the World Economic Forum, the Ivy League Pope Francis woke evangelicals, what are they all doing together, whether they are conscious of it or not. They are trying to unfound the United States of America as you and I know it and replace it with something that's sociologists call a hacienda society. Hacienda NDA. A hacienda is something in Latin America, especially, but in any society that's an oligarchy. The hacienda is represents the one to 2% that have all the money and all the power and all the influence, but in these societies, it also has all the real legal rights. If you're not part of that 1%, you don't even really have legal protection. You don't have free speech. You don't have gun rights to self defense. You don't have rights to assembly. You don't have religious freedom. You don't have any of the things in the Bill of Rights in the Bill of Rights, which are natural rights that God gave us. And the constitution was simply meant to guarantee. In a hacienda society, the only real false human beings are the aristocrats living in the hacienda and the guards working for them out in the guard. Okay, but if people can't remember the word hacienda, ladies and gentlemen, let's make it super clear. There are effectively two ways of seeing the universe. One of them leads to American style, self government, liberty. It is imperfect, but it can be beautiful and it has been beautiful and it can get better. And it comes out of a biblical worldview, the dignity of human beings, the respect for the idea of freedom for a real understanding of what liberty is, it's God honoring. The other view says effectively, there is no God. We can be as gods. It's all about power. We reject truth. We reject the God who claims to be truth. Both of these views lead in different directions.

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