What's Next for the Supreme Court?


The long way for ro continues in legacy media. I mean, we're going to have this for a year. They're going to have 6 Shiva for a year over roe V wade and Planned Parenthood to be Casey. Meanwhile, the states are moving back to what they ought to be doing. I want to look ahead. I've done what's code as did a lot. I've written three Washington Post columns on West Virginia university alone. I want to look ahead to the next term, because I think it's going to be as big at least on the ending of use of race to award benefits or inflict penalty. And many other, what's ahead, Ilya, for next year. It's going to be another big term the court's not taking a year off. There is affirmative action in Harvard and UNC. There's the case called three O three creative, which builds on masterpiece cake shop, the baker who didn't want to make a cake for a same sex wedding. This time it's a graphic designer and a website. So no question that this is First Amendment protected activity, big cultural case. You mentioned West Virginia university, PA, which I think is the longest lasting decision this term prudentially. Next term a case like that also involves the EPA, but the clean water act and regulating the so called waters of the United States. If they're navigable, navigable waters, even if it's puddles, the EPA comes in and you can't build on the land, the case called sackett, second time that litigation has gotten to the Supreme Court. And California has been regulating the rest of the country. You might have heard in lots of different ways. There's a pork producer's case. You're thinking, agricultural regulation, California. Why is that important? Well, when they set the standard, whether it's for emissions, for agriculture, it's not like manufacturers, agricultural companies do one thing for the California market and another thing for the rest. So that sets national standards. And so there's something that lawyers call the dormant commerce clause or a state regulating interstate commerce that comes up. That's just a few of the big cases. And there's more. Election regulation, of course. When a state court rewrites what the legislature has done, this came up a number of times in Pennsylvania in the last election, but this is a case out of North Carolina. So the court is going to decide that, hopefully, once and for all.

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