Jeremy Story Dared to Expose Local Texas School Board Corruption


We turn to my friend old friend, Jeremy story. We knew each other here in New York. He is now in Texas. He's a pastor. He heads up campus renewal reaching out to college kids. And he has been through an experience that is chilling. And I am excited to get the word out about what is happening. Jeremy welcome. Thank you for having me today. I appreciate it. To my audience who knows nothing about what happened. Start from the beginning and explain what happened. You were in Texas, tell the story. It's a long explanation, but a short version of it is that we were basically trying to expose the actions of a school board who had illegally hired a superintendent back in June. And we were, we realized they had illegally hired him. Then we realized that he had allegedly the allegations in which we then later found out to be very credible and true and fell to evidence that he had threatened his he was having an affair. He had threatened her when she refused to have an abortion and basically threatened her that he would try to come and give her that abortion through an assault. Through a shield approach to school board, the school board ignored her and instead told the superintendent that she had come to them, which then precipitated an alleged assault at her home. And they covered it all

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