As human rights official visits Xinjiang, data hack appears to show persecution there


Considered from NPR news The UN's top official for human rights Michelle Bachelet is in China this week and we'll visit the western region of Xinjiang The U.S. and others have accused the Chinese government of genocide and crimes against humanity for the way that Muslim minorities have been treated there And as the UN commissioners trip was starting a rights group outside China posted a huge trove of photos and data online purportedly hacked from Chinese police computers in Xinjiang They say it highlights the extent of the persecution there And Pierre China fares correspondent John ruit is on the line now Hi John Hey Elsa So this UN trip to Xinjiang it's rare to see a trip like this right Yeah it is This one's been months in they've been months negotiations for this one on a long time coming because the last visit by a UN human rights high commissioner to China was 17 years ago This is going to be a fact finding trip bachelorette has reportedly told diplomats ahead of time that it's not going to be an investigation so she's managing expectations a bit there Remember the accusations are pretty grave right groups western governments estimate that more than a million Uighurs and other minorities in Xinjiang were detained in the name of preemptive counter terrorism Starting

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