Naomi Wolf Discusses Her New Book 'The Bodies of Others'


Right, so the thesis of the book, it's kind of a sequel to my 2008 book, the end of America, which in which I looked at tyrannies in history, whether the tyrants were on the left or on the right, turns out it really didn't much matter. Because they always took the same tense steps. And I warned at that time that we could lose our democracy in the United States. And I kept up the same warnings as you may know, administration after administration, it doesn't matter, left, right, it didn't matter when Obama was droning American citizens. I spoke out against it when he didn't close Guantanamo, I spoke out against it. So I was consistent throughout it's a nonpartisan issue, whether we uphold our constitution or trans partisan issue. So the bodies of others, I really wrote it about this recent past, this current historical moment, 2020 to the present. And about the pandemic, but basically my argument is that. What happened was that a handful of bad actors at a global level, notably tech companies, China, the World Economic Forum, which I thought was a conspiracy theory till I actually read Klaus Schwab's book and listened to his speeches. And it was right there. And using pharma exploited the pandemic in order to recreate the world in a way that was targeted at killing off the human, the human advantage. And what do I mean by that? So I have an unusual bio in that I've been a reporter for 35 years. I've also been a political consultant to a presidential and a vice presidential campaign. So I understand how politics unfolds at that level. And I'm now CEO of a successful tech company. So I realized pretty early on. Certainly when in March of last year, when they started announcing vaccine passports that what these policies did, which are so unscientific was to kill off the things that human beings do better than digital

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