What's the Latest on the Pennsylvania Primary Race?


Well, David, we have an embarrassment of riches today as far as topics go. I've got this list here. We can go through for an hour, but let's see where we're at. Let's start with Pennsylvania Senate race. David McCormick is a mirror 987 votes behind Doctor Oz and they are still counting. What do you think's going on there? Man, $64,000 question. It's possible that when all the votes are counted and the mcclernand will be on top, even if he's not, and I'd rather be awes of I had to choose at this point. I'd always really rather be the guy in front. Even if I've holds them off, there's going to be a recount because it's going to be triggered under state law. The candidate that's losing at the end of regulation can forgo the recount and just decide to lose. I just don't think that's going to happen here. Of course, the real news here is that the McCormick campaign is suing in state court to compel all 67 counties to count mail in ballots that were received on time and have no other flaw except for there is no gate handwritten on the outside of the envelope as required by state law. Now, they're using a you're the lawyer here, but they're using a decision rendered by the third circuit on Friday that have nothing to do with this election, but at 2021 election at Lehigh county Pennsylvania. It said such balance should be counted

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