Democrat Pollster Suggests Bloody Midterm for Biden


Don't know if you've been talking about it. Have you heard about this new memo from Doug sosnik? No. Doug sosnik being very senior respected democratic pollster strategist was in the Clinton White House. That's where he became well known and in the 90s. Written this new memo to Democrats. And it's incredibly pessimistic. It says, look, basically, unless we can make something huge about a Supreme Court roe versus wade decision, unless we can pull a rabbit out of our hat. We are toast. And what he does was he lays out the mistakes that the Biden administration has made to bring Democrats to this point and I'll just the real short version is he starts off with a Biden honeymoon. Then July 4th of last year, Biden holds this Independence Day, freedom from COVID event in which he kind of declares the pandemic over and of course we know what happened then. There was a delta variant and then there was omicron. Let's just say COVID wasn't over. The next month is the disastrously bundled withdrawal from Afghanistan and people begin to question these are independents, some Democrats obviously Republicans, whether the Biden administration can confidently handle issues. So when inflation becomes really huge, Americans are worried and Biden suggests that don't worry, we're in control, we're in charge here. We know what to do. They're very skeptical about this because they have already seen what happened with COVID, and they've seen what happened in Afghanistan. Now they're watching it with the economy and they just have absolutely no faith in Biden or democratic efforts to handle things now. And he also said, do not think that voters are going to make their decision in the last couple of weeks before the election. They're making their decision right now. And as a matter of fact, it may already be made right now. This may already be said in stone. It's one of the more pessimistic democratic documents I've seen in quite a while.

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