The Left Doesn't Live the Values They Present


People don't live these values. People don't live these values. All of these values that the left promotes in the public square, people don't necessarily believe in them. People don't grow up. Kids don't grow up. Parents don't grow up, telling their kids, son, daughter, when you get up. Oh, first off, sorry. I don't know if you're my son or daughter, even liberals don't act that way behind closed doors. Son, daughter. When you guys grow up, when you guys get big, you know, I want you to be an antifa warrior. I want you to be a part of BLM. By the way, isn't BLM cultural appropriation. I mean, they say that they're black marxists, Karl Marx is a German, aren't they culturally appropriating Marxism, just a question. And our son, daughter, I don't, you know, when you grow up, I want you to be on welfare. No, nobody says this crap behind closed doors. Liberals don't say it. I had now she's with the blaze, but Michaela gets and she's married, so forgive me, Michaela. I forget your newly, your new last name, but we talked about had her on one time when I was sitting in when it was elder show at the time. And we were talking about luxury beliefs. These people don't live this stuff.

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