The Truth About Vice President Mike Pence


Marriage. Now, I never, ever in all these years talked about you and George, because I think people's private lives and their family lives, especially when children are there, are just not on the table for discussion. And so you bury your soul in this book, and people want to read about that can, but I want to go to something I didn't know. And as I read a book, I make my notes, I make my questions, and I wrote when I got to page the first time you mentioned Mike Pence, you were his pollster and political analyst for 5 years. And I wrote down for my notes. To ask Kellyanne, did he do the right thing on January 6th? But then I get the page four 67 and you tell us for a week. The media quote was working overtime to suggest vice president Pence would ruin his reputation to destroy his own political future by exceeding to his boss and refusing to certify the results. So you answered my question before I got to ask the question, that's why you got to read the whole book before you interview someone. Mike Pence is one of the best men I've ever met. And I don't know what his political future is. Are you back working for him, Kellyanne Conway? Well, I've one of the few people in the country who talks to Donald Trump and Mike Pence fairly regularly and I'm very grateful that that team one in 2016 stopped Hillary and her corrupt machine from taking over. And being in power and also just delivered amazing accomplishments. And I think that team is very important to recognize all that they did together as a team. I write about that because it's a good example here, and there are many throughout the book of the media just presuming they know what's going to happen. They always presume they know who someone is. What's in their heart? What's in their mind? What motivates them? And that's just not true. It was not true in that example. It certainly wasn't true about Russia collusion. It wasn't true about Hillary beating Trump handily. And so again, again, they fail upward without accountability. And look, I think that the break between the former president and former vice president is regrettable, but people should remember everything they were able to do together.

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