China Wants 10 Small Pacific Nations to Agree to Security Agreement


This is at a New Zealand China wants ten small Pacific nations To endorse a sweeping agreement covering everything from security to fisheries and what one leader warns is a game changing bit by Beijing to rest control of the region A draft of the agreement obtained by The Associated Press shows that China wants to try and Pacific police officers Team up on quote traditional non traditional security unquote we know what that means military And expand law enforcement cooperation China also wants to jointly develop a marine plan for fisheries which would include the Pacific's lucrative tuna catch Increased cooperation on running the region's Internet networks and set up cultural Confucius Institutes and classrooms China also mentions the possibility setting up a free trade area with the Pacific nations China's move comes as foreign minister Wang Yi And a 20 person delegation begin a visit to the region this week In Washington U.S. State Department spokesman Ned price expressed concern about China's intentions Sang Beijing might use the proposed accords to take advantage of the islands and destabilize the region Gee you think

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