The Inflation Increasement Act


Secular fanaticism is the curse of 20th and 21st centuries. These people are fanatics. The mansion deal he calls it the bench and deal. Features massive new subsidies for solar and wind over the next few years, massive is correct. Plus tens of billions of dollars in other handouts designed to dramatically increase the percentage of these unreliable sources of energy on our grid. Number two, it aggressively restrict fossil fuels. It includes among other things new taxes on oil and gas. And worse of all, granting the Biden EPA essentially unlimited power, I don't understand that. Didn't think Supreme Court just ruled. Oh, but Congress can make a law. Well, they can make a lot of Supreme Court. It'll be going to court. Well, by the time it goes to court, everything will be shut down that matters. Essentially unlimited power to restrict fossil fuel projects. It gives billions of dollars to the left wing causes it includes billions for undefined environmental justice. Prager rule number 36. Whenever justice gets an adjective, it's not justice. Social justice is nothing to do with justice, environmental justice has nothing to do with justice. Racial justice has nothing to do with justice. Just know that. And you will begin to understand the double talk. You are willing and language of the left. There's justice, and there's injustice. Just like when you add a word to democracy, like people's democracy, it's a bad sign. North Korea, a gigantic concentration camp. Is the people's democratic republic of Korea. People's democratic. Okay. The White House commission report is an extreme environmental justice is an extreme left wing wish list. That says we must quote sunset investments by 2030. That is just 8 years from now. In fossil fuels plastics and are you ready? This proves that they're fanatics and lawyers. The environmentalist world. And nuclear power. It actually says we must sunset investment in nuclear power. They don't give a damn about carbon emissions, but give a damn about destroying the society we live in. Environmentalism is to the environment what communism was through workers. The great Green New Deal gives government limitless corruption inducing power. The deal itself has tens of billions that bureaucrats can allocate arbitrarily. Tens of billions. Manchin's requested permitting policies would give new illegitimate powers that are guaranteed to be exercised corruptly.

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