Why Did Cassidy Hutchinson Testify Today at Jan. 6 Hearing?


What is truth An individual testified today Cass hutchison And she's testified many times before this committee in secret But its last time they wanted her to go public Her testimony has become more aggressive The answer is to become more aggressive because her prior attorney was associated with the Trump people and her current attorneys associated with former attorney general Jeff Sessions so there's no connection there I don't know what that means When you give testimony it doesn't matter who your lawyer is He give testimony under oath Under penalty of perjury whether it's in the back rooms of the January 6th committee or whether it's in a public hearing So that doesn't make sense to me Why all of a sudden this emergency we've got to listen to her and then they say well her life has been threatened That's possible but how does that affect getting her testimony out immediately And not waiting till July or not having it earlier All of a sudden we have new evidence From an individual who apparently witnessed and heard everything Trump Pence Meadows White House lawyers Republican members of Congress

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