Gavin Newsom Further Stirs 2024 Speculation With Florida Ad Buy


Story after story is starting to trial balloon, Gavin Newsom. You type in Gavin Newsom and his Google alerts, Gavin Newsom further steers 2024 speculation with Florida ad buy. Gavin Newsom run ads in Florida. Newsom for governor California of 2022 has placed ad spending on Fox News in Florida cable zones for July 4th. He purchased a $100,000 of cable TV ads that will run on Fox News in Florida. We're not sure what the content of the ads actually will be. They say, stay tuned. Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom is on truth social he said before he has sub zero interest in running for president, which is a lie. And then reportedly air states air ads in a state 2700 miles away from his own. So Gavin Newsom obviously is being pushed by that entire group of California leaders to try to run for president in 2024.

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