Kash Patel Campaigns for Abe Hamadeh, Arizona Candidate for AG


Here with the legendary cash Patel sub cash. It's great to be back in Arizona. I love it. Yeah, so your campaigning, tell us about it. Let's go and so, well, I tell you what, we got America first candidate, we were in Tucson last night with Blake masters the next center from the state of America. Amen. You just had him for a full hour. Yeah, we had Abe out there and Carrie Lake as well. The crowd was ridiculous. So tell us about Abe, I haven't endorsed it. I don't know that well. We get some emails from people. They're not so crazy about him. Tell me about ape. Well, here's the reason I like, hey, because of his military background, his experience overseas. He's actually been a prosecutor in the pit, which to me, maybe I'm a little biased. Being an actual prosecutor not being a high level guy who's done the work and, you know, and I told him, I'm happy to endorse you, but, you know, you're going to have to hold up your end of the bargain. And his biggest bargaining point was, I'm going to go down and take on the cartels in Mexico. And for Arizona, that's a big thing. That's everything. To declare them a foreign terrorist organization, which I haven't heard a single other state attorney general candidates say they would do. Yeah, he better get armed security. Well, you know what? I believe that he's going to do that. And that's why I like it.

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