Los Angeles District Attorney Faces Recall Effort


The district attorney of Los Angeles, George gascon, is facing a recall, much in the same way that the San Francisco DA chesa boudin faced or recall and was in fact unceremoniously recalled and tossed out. Now gascon is basically a clone of boudin. This guy is a complete loser, he is a DA on the side of the criminals, this is a guy who has been battering and weakening, not just the police force, but the prosecutorial force in LA, crime rates have soared in LA. I mean, they've soared another parts of the country too, but more in LA, more in California, more in San Francisco. So gascon and budin are symbols of the worst. Of democratic kind of crime fighting policy. And I want to talk about a specific case a case involving a really bad guy criminal named Justin Flores. So this guy Justin Flores is now accused of fatally shooting to El Monte police department, well, a Corporal and an officer, Michael parades and Joseph Santana. Here's a guy who was facing serious felony charges. And gascon led him out, put him on probation. And this has been by and large the gas on strategy. It's essentially to take criminals who are in a serious, who should be incarcerated, and let them loose, put them on probation. And what is this guy doing? He gets into a domestic dispute that police get reports of a possible stabbing. They show up at the scene, a shootout occurs, and vote the officers are killed.

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