Why Harry Truman Refused to Drop the Atomic Bomb


I love the conversational style that Truman uses here. He says, now once in a while, I'll get a letter from some impatient person asking, why don't we get it over with? Why don't we issue an ultimatum make all out war drop the atomic bomb? And for most Americans, the answer is quite simple. We're not made that way. We're a moral people, pieces are gold with justice and freedom. We can not of our very free will violate the principles that we are striving to defend. The whole purpose of what we're doing to prevent World War three, starting a war is no way to make peace. An interesting point of view there because, again, he viewed the involvement in Korea. He viewed the involvement of the use or non use of the atomic bomb, was that they were trying to avoid a war. And at this point in time, the lord had lived with the world he lived 8 years without any kind of other nuclear devices being used, atomic device being used, and he viewed that as a success. Now he also was very adamant in saying that, look, using these devices would end the Cold War. It would end the communists with me, but it also end hours as well. He understood that the forming doctrine of mutually assured destruction and that was what was coming on.

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