Like Country, Like City: Failing Under the Left's Control


Can you give me an example of a city that is implemented The full boat liberal agenda That has just prospered and flowered I mean where you have full monopolistic control and you haven't been stopped San Francisco New York you were stopped They got two terms of Giuliani It's since been on even Bloomberg outside of the gun control stuff was relatively reasonable on the economic stuff Before he went crazy with all the gun confiscation nonsense so New York it was the cycle was broken and we got de Blasio and it all went back again but they haven't managed to destroy the whole thing yet But what they've had monopolistic control everywhere You look at these countries they fall apart these country states and cities like San Francisco and I brought up countries because Chile just elected a communist This is a relatively prosperous South American country that in a matter of weeks and months has managed to almost completely fall apart You've got this guy in Mexico Amlo as well The destruction wrought by these people is just incredible Like you don't have a single example you can produce of success yet we have a ton of them Texas Florida Ronald Reagan's years in office I mean Margaret Thatcher's revitalization of the United Kingdom's economy our examples are all over I can see here all day

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