Manchin Stunned by Deb Haaland's Confusion on Pausing Oil Permits


So Joe Manchin's like hey listen a Deb I'm a senator here for the state of West Virginia here And I don't want my citizens to get dead And I'm trying to keep oil and gas prices down So we want to make sure we increase oil and gas production in the United States So why are we shutting down permits here So the hilarious part about this is Deb highland's office issued a letter about not issuing new permits right before she got up there and she's like I don't know anything about it How is it that a U.S. senator knows more about the office of the interior secretary than the interior secretary itself The answer is it's a Joe Biden appointed That's how Here check this out This secretary hall and I don't know Did you all just put out a statement Here's the department of interior just by out of statement And the statement basically says a proposed program is not a decision to issue specific leases or to authorize any drilling or development This is from your office So it looks like you are on a shut everything down Did you know you all put this I am sorry I am sitting in this hearing and not My God somebody shuts it down It shows what you're in ten years This is a mansion sitting there stunned He's holding the memo her office put out And he's laughing like this is this real How is it that I have the interior secretary in front of me I'm asking her about a impactful memo shutting down a lot of leasing and she has no idea what I'm talking about How is that

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