Embattled Texas AG Paxton faces George P. Bush in GOP runoff


Texas attorney general Ken Paxton who is facing legal troubles is in a Republican primary runoff against George P Bush the state land commissioner The outcome in America's biggest red state tests how much weight the Bush name still carries It's not about dynasties It's not about some sort of myth George P Bush the grandson of president George W. Bush says it's about the right people for the right offices I think anybody can plainly see that we got a crook Right now in our top law enforcement position who continually abuse his office But Republican voters is Ann Grisham says she's for Paxton He has a proven track record Paxton's awaiting trial on security fraud charges after being indicted in 2015 The state bar is weighing possible reprimands against him over his baseless attempts to overturn the 2020 election I'm Julie Walker

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