Why Are More Than 90% of American Children in Public Schools?


I've got to ask one naive question at the beginning. So I've been an educator for far too long, but at the advanced level, so I taught in a private college and then I taught in the Defense Department for almost a decade. What I don't understand is why are more than 90% of all students in America in public schools, because this is the richest nation in the world until recently, we're based upon free markets and choice, my expectation as an immigrant coming to this country. I thought, well, well, if people want good education, why isn't there a market there to provide it? It's what 6, 7% of private schools? Yes, very low. It's about 6 or 7, 8% of kids. And private schools was because if you want to exercise that exit option to attend a school that you're not residentially assigned to, you essentially have to pay twice. Just talk about explain that. So essentially, we're already paying over $15,000 per child per year through the tax system towards these government run schools that are quote unquote free, but we've poured more and more resources into the system year and year after year since 1960, the U.S. education system has poured about an increase of about 287% after adjusting for inflation in per people education spending in the government run school system and outcomes have been flat. Is there a number for the average student? How much you pay in America? The most recent data, which is before the pandemic, which is a whole nother story, was already about 15 to $16,000. It's obviously higher in some states over the other, but average private school tuition nationwide is only about ten or 11,000 or 12,000 paying more as a taxpayer for substandard product quote unquote, which you really have no control over because you're locked in via zip code.

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