Kremlin critic Browder urges squeeze on oligarchs' enablers


Kremlin critic Bill browner wants governments to step up efforts to get to the riches squirreled away by Russian oligarchs and linked to president Vladimir Putin at the World Economic Forum in Davos browder told the AP the oligarchs have lots of money right in front of our eyes Since Vladimir Putin took power he and the thousand people around him have stolen a $1 trillion from the Russian state The early investor in post Soviet Russia says oligarchs aren't naive They've set up structures to protect themselves browder's idea to force the people who set up these structures The enablers the lawyers the accountants the trustees under law to become whistleblowers to the government There are sanctions against oligarchs but browder says it's only scratching the surface There's only 35 oligarchs out of a 118 who are on the Forbes list who have been sanctioned by the either the U.S. EU UK

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