How Trump Helped Minorities Wake Up With Horace Cooper


We'll talk about your new book about Biden, but let's go back to your previous one how Trump is making black America great again. Can you explain to me because I need a little bit of assistance here? How after four incessant years of the then incumbent being called an islamophobe a misogynist and nationalist, a white supremacist and then eventually a Nazi that he received more support in the 2020 election from black and Hispanic Americans than any incumbent Republican since the 1960s. So what was it about him that made so many members of the minority communities kind of have that wake-up moment? It's the delivery. It's the consequence. It's the results. When you are looking around, I mentioned this in my book that there are black Americans who are saying, hey, my son, are my nephew, has finally left my basement and is moving out to their own apartment, record numbers of black Americans started their own jobs, started their own careers, started their own businesses. This is a sea change. And one of the reasons Joe Biden is so unpopular today with the minority community is it's not like as bad as it was under Obama. Under Obama, we had a stagnant economy. We have a stagnant economy now. But under George W. Bush, the economy had started to slow down. So the 8 years of the Obama administration was more like the frog in the pot cooking and suddenly finds out that it's been boiled to death without realizing it.

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