Dick Morris Discusses Trump's Powerful Immigration Policies


On the issues, let's talk about the issue of immigration. Ann coulter has been bitterly against him really for the last 5 years because she claims he did nothing. He did not do what he said he was going to do, which is build the wall. There's some truth to that. I never came to understand how much truth there is to that. What's that big thing on the border? Well, it's not a monolithic 2000 foot long wall. I mean, he built some of the wall. I think he built all of it. No, he certainly didn't build all of that. Nobody would say he built all of it except you just now. But he seems to have wanted to and the Democrats made it effectively impossible for him to do it. But if there were a wall, we wouldn't have these immigration problems. He stopped immigration during his term. That he did. Well, no, he did that, but I'm saying that he vowed to build a wall for tourists to visit it. It's to stop illegals from coming in. I did. Right. The interesting thing about his speech yesterday was what he said about immigration. That I think was fascinating. Which is that he explains how he achieved the remaining Mexico policy in the way that he had never explained before. He told me about it, but he'd never said it publicly. He said that he knew that he needed to keep them in Mexico because once the immigrants came to the U.S., they got all the constitutional rights of citizens, even though they weren't, they were here illegally. Right. And the only way to stop that was to keep them in Mexico. Right. So Lopez Obrador is a communist basically. The head of Mexico. Yeah. And he wasn't about to help Trump. And Trump got him to put together 28,000 troops on the border on the Mexican side to apprehend immigrants and solve Trump's problems for him. And the way Trump did that was that he renegotiated nafta. Free trade. And made it into a very advantageous deal for Mexico and for the U.S.. And then he went to Mexico and said, okay, if you do not post these troops on the border, he said the graphically said that was a Friday. He said on Monday morning at 8 a.m. there will be a 25% U.S. tariff on any imports coming from Mexico, which in one stroke would destroy their entire economy. And Lopez Obrador said, we would be honored to put the troops on the border. But I

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