A Deeper Look at Cassidy Hutchinson's 'Bombshell' Testimony


The latest witness call by the January 6th committee was Cassidy Hutchinson and aid or former aide to Mark Meadows, who was the chief of staff under Trump. And Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony was immediately hailed by the media. And in fact, even by some on the right, I mean, I'm thinking of Andy McCarthy at national review, very compelling Brett bear, of course, yes, he was completely convinced completely on board. Crushing testimony and so on in the media, of course, was hailing this. She's sort of the latest savior. On the supposedly with the Republican tag. This was part of the game. You bring in people who are nominally Republican, you say, look, even a Republican says. And she put out a whole bunch of stuff. I mean, a good bit of it was just hearsay things that she had heard of things that she had been told. But it was sufficiently salacious, sufficiently bombshell ish that the media glommed right onto them, specifically two things. One is it supposedly at one point Trump got so upset, upset when Barr told him that he had lost the election that he flung his food, presumably a hamburger, Trump's favorite, up against the wall, leaving some ketchup on the wall and Cassidy Hutchinson, I had to clean it up. Now, when I first heard this, I literally chuckled because first of all, it's hard for me to see Trump doing that, but you know what, to be honest, if an election was stolen from me under my nose, I would be a little irate. I don't think I'd have thrown a burger against the wall. I think I like burgers too much, but my comment on Twitter was, do we have the full story on this if Trump really threw the burger and fell on the ground? Did Bill Barr like reach down and eat it? Hard for me to see Bill Barr turning down a burger. And but in any event, Trump, of course, was extremely scornful and Trump makes the comment on truth social. He goes, why would she have to clean it up? First of all, she does she was not a member of my staff. He goes, I don't even know who she was. And then the supposedly the big bombshell was an anecdote and incident about Trump who wanted to go to the capitol. On January 6th and was so apparently enraged that the Secret Service was reluctant to take him that he reached over and tried to grab the steering wheel of the car. Now at first people were like, I think Cassidy Hutchinson may even have said it. This was actually the so called the beast, the big limousine, the Trump limousine. And if that was the case, this would be flat out impossible.

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