John Zmirak Zooms Out of Uvalde to See the Bigger Disturbing Picture


John, I have to ask you, what's happening in America? It's happened gradually. But we're now at a point where the breakdown of the family, what happened in the 1960s, the breakdown of the family has led to this. In other words, it takes time, but now you have the mother of this shooter is a drug addict is a confused person. There is no father. The 18 year old is deeply disturbed. When we were kids in school, you'd say, well, he's a weirdo. You'd be kind of worried about him or something. They're just something they're not socially fitting in. But now, as you said earlier, it's out of bounds to point that out. It's out of balance and say, something's wrong with that person. Now you have to sort of celebrate their madness. You said it's been cross pressure. I don't know what else was going on. But the point is that you're not allowed to talk about that until he kills 19 children. And then when he kills the 19 children, it's the fault of law abiding gun owners in Wyoming. You see, it is part of a program. These antique family laws were put in place for a reason to break down the family, so that everyone is just an isolated individual, an electron whirling around the nucleus federal government. The goal, the goal of the sexual revolution was always more sexual liberty for wealthy good-looking people, more power for the government and the power of the government will be will be wielded by the aristocrats. The song comes from the Marquis de Sade, a perverted aristocrat who came up with the ideology that became the sexual revolution. Popularized by Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de beauvoir, it is now the official religion of the west

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