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GP sports I've checked Freeman They went back and forth in a scoreless duel in New York two teams that had visions of playing in October and the Houston Astros scored late to beat the New York mets to nothing Justin veranda was outstanding earning his tenth win after his return from Tommy John surgery I definitely feel different you know some of my pitches haven't felt as sharp some of them have felt better You know I think my curveball this year has been really good I feel largely the same but the stuff seems to be playing a little bit different He tossed 8 innings allowed two hits with 8 strikeouts Mike mancuso New York While in The Bronx the New York Yankees completed a three game sweep of the Oakland a's 5 to three Giancarlo Stanton hit a three run Homer His last 6 hits have been the long ball It's an interesting time right now We're not getting too many hits but when I am in the Homer The LA Dodgers avoided a three game sweep with an 8 four win at Colorado Boston held on for a 6 5 win in extra innings in Toronto Minnesota scored three in the tenth Cleveland scored four to win 7 to 6 the game winner a two run shot from Josh naylor Rowdy teles has hit 5 home runs since Sunday He hit a pair in leading Milwaukee to a 5 three win over Tampa Be more compact and not as aggressive in a swing Has helped me make more contact and be able to keep everything in the middle of the field Yeah you got a two run blast from Avi Garcia in the 9th four four three comeback win at St. Louis Atlanta down Philadelphia four to one Adam Duvall hit a 400 foot home run the braves now 21 in 5 in June Whoever we put in there right now is stepping up and doing the job and that's huge Oh the angels over the Chicago White Sox Pittsburgh Washington Kansas City down Texas San Diego Arizona Detroit one at San Francisco Seattle be Baltimore and the Chicago Cubs beat Cincinnati NBA James Harden will opt out of 47.7 million from Philadelphia as the team works a deal in hopes of using money saved to help build the roster Check Freeman AP sports

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