Hard-line conservative Reps. Boebert, Miller win primaries


To have Congress's staunchest conservatives repelled more centrist alternatives to lock up Republican nominations on Tuesday in Colorado one of former president Trump's most Ardent supporters representative Lauren boebert won the nomination in the third congressional district while election denied or Tina Peters lost her bid to become the Republican nominee for Secretary of State to Pam Anderson and a Republican who favors some abortion access Joe O'Day won the Senate primary against a far right candidate in Mississippi a member of Congress who voted to overturn the 2020 election but supported a January 6th the investigation won the Republican runoff in the third congressional district representative Michael guest defeated pro Trump challenger Michael Cassidy in Illinois far right state senator Darren Bailey who got a late endorsement from Trump won the Republican nomination for governor he faces democratic incumbent governor JD pritzker representative Mary Miller a 2020 election denier who has spoken admiringly of Adolf Hitler won her Republican primary and reverend Jesse Jackson's son Jonathan won a 17 candidate democratic primary for an open congressional seat in New York Rudy Giuliani's son Andrew a former Trump White House aide lost the Republican primary for governor to representative Lee zeldin He will take on governor Kathy hochul who won her democratic primary I'm Julie Walker

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