Why Dave Rubin Writes About Legend Rudy Giuliani in His Latest Book


There folks, I'm talking to Dave Rubin. Yes, that's right. Don't burn this country is the new book we were just talking off the air about Rudy Giuliani, whom I had the privilege to meet and interview recently. So Dave, what do you talk about in the book that's related to him? You said there was something. Yeah, well, I've met the mayor a few times, and I've interviewed him a couple of times. And you know, he's a rather extraordinary character in American history who's, you know, because of the last couple of years and with a little bit of the hair dye dripping down the side of his face, his image has been banged up a little bit. But I write about him in the context of the book for two reasons. First, I lived in New York City during 9 11 and my dad worked in New York City in midtown. He saw the second plane hit the tower. He was the one that called me and said, you got to get up and turn on the news and then I had the experience that so many of us New Yorkers had of, I had friends and relatives that couldn't get out of the city staying with me for days on end. We were all glued to the TV for weeks, all of that stuff. But one of the things that kept New York saying and not just New York saying, not just New York City, not just New York State, but the entire United States and I think you could argue the world was that Rudy Giuliani's entire life had led him to that very moment to be the leader at that time. And when we turned on the television and you saw him walking through those streets with ray Kelly with all of the firemen and the police officers and all the first responders knowing there is someone in charge who is competent and decent and ready for this job. It's an extraordinary feeling because we all need that. We need leaders and unfortunately these days we don't have leaders who deserve to be leaders. We have sort of a clown car of craziness, but Rudy's life led him to that, which is why I write about him in the book, because not only was he the attorney general, and he fought the mafia. He was an Italian guy, you know, from New York fighting the mafia and winning.

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