Libby Emmons on AOC’s Treacherous Lie About the Texas Abortion Law


I am so honored to have one of my favorite people in all of media. So as we play these clips for you from CNN and they're just horrible and they're calling for censoring. My friend, Libby Evans, editor in chief of the post millennial, is here with us. And she doesn't want to censor anybody. Right? You're not trying to censor anybody at the post millennial. I'm absolutely not trying to censor anyone at all. I'm thoroughly opposed to censorship. Good for you. I kind of put you on the spot there. I was hoping you were going to say that. I thought I had a good lead on that. All right, so there is so much that I want to cover with you. And hopefully, lord willing, we're going to get to most of it. We've got an AOC lying blatantly about Texas abortion laws. We've got Jim Jordan calling for accountability. We've got The New York Times attacking Tucker Carlson in a massive piece that he just had this great reaction to and I'm going to have the team pull up Tucker's smile when we get to that story. Listen, the floor is yours. We've got a plethora of stories. The menu is before you. What do you want to cover first? Why don't we start with AOC? Let's do it. So AOC put out this tweet saying that Texas had passed an anti abortion law that makes it possible for rapists to sue the women they rape if they impregnate those women and the women go on to have abortions. What a horrifying horrifying scenario for anyone who is involved in something like that. Well, you know, except I have no sympathy for the rapist, but I have all the sympathy in the world for a woman, obviously, who is raped and her potential offspring from that kind of violation. But the problem with what AOC said was that it was a complete and total fabrication. The pro life law in Texas does not say anything of the sort. The law was rather carefully constructed and you can see that if you take a look at it, it says that anyone who is either facilitating abortions or providing abortions can be sued by another citizen in the state for up to, I think, something like $10,000. And it specifically says that a woman who is seeking an abortion will not be penalized, will not be subject to a lawsuit, and will not be

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