Do Covid Precautions Work?


The New York Times article says this. It says good morning. Life in red America and blue America is quite different. What about COVID caseloads? It says this, that there's a modest gap. This is The New York Times writing. Daily life in red and blue America has continued to be quite different over the past few months. It is a reflection over the partisan divide over COVID-19. So The New York Times is writing this, David leonhardt, and he goes through this article, and he admits the following quote. In the country's most liberal cities, many people are still avoiding restaurants. The number of seated diners last month was about 40% below pre-pandemic levels in New York Philadelphia Minneapolis and San Francisco and Cambridge, Massachusetts, according to open table. By contrast, Nashville Phoenix Charlotte and Austin, as well as in Oklahoma, Nebraska and New Hampshire. Residents and liberal cities like New York, Washington and San Jose are still spending significantly more time at home and less time at the office. In more conservative places, the rhythm of daily life has returned to nearly normal. So The New York Times is diving into the data here and they say quote, during the omicron wave, schools and heavily Democrat areas were more likely to close. Some classrooms require students to stay at home for extended periods of time. Mask wearing was very common in liberal areas, far more common in liberal communities than conservative ones. These are a stark difference that have created a kind of natural experiment. Did the omicron variant spread less in parts of the United States where social distancing and masking were more common, and The New York Times says the answer is surprisingly unclear. They say, quote, the number of official COVID cases has been somewhat higher in Democrat areas that masked and had lockdowns and lower in Republican areas, according to The New York Times, data. Now, The New York Times doesn't want to say this definitively, but they're shocked and they're confused. They say this is unclear. Now there's a reason why this is so important. We just locked down our civilization for two years, put vaccine mandates on people that did not need to get a vaccine against the virus that did not significantly threaten them. Lockdown our entire civilization and created $6 trillion as a result. But I'm very concerned by the lack of interest. From the people in charge have an honest diagnosis of what we just put our country through.

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