The Five: Rivera Explodes After Gutfeld's Abortion Tirade


Speaking about loud hearings, how about this exchange yesterday on the 5 on Fox News channel, Geraldo Rivera really fired up? At Greg gutfeld. The other thing that drives me crazy, now that I'm on my soapbox, is it used to be even the pro choicers would admit that abortion was an ugly thing. But they felt it had to be a necessary evil. Something that would be safe and rare. That was the argument you always heard. But now when you go anywhere on social media, it's something to celebrate, to cherish the unfortunate. Just Bologna. Why are hangers stuck up their private trying to get what? The unborn child. This is exactly what I expected. You bring out the old code. Arrogant. Go go for it. Geraldo, come on, keep going. Don't talk to you. You know something? What? You insulting punk? Okay. About your new bungie. Now listen, I'm going to give a little bit of credit, not credit, but a little bit of because I'm thinking what would happen if I called a huge Hewitt, a little insulting punk. I'd probably be fired. I don't think anybody here at Salem would appreciate me calling a colleague an insulting little punk. I also, in fairness to Geraldo, don't think I should call any of my colleagues a fool or that they're making a fool of themselves. I'd probably get fired for that too. As I should, we're a team here. They're a team on the 5, but maybe they have a different standard than we do.

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