U.S. Sanctions Left out One Russian Oligarch, Known to Hunter Biden


I had definitely not that simple Ask Jen Psaki today Two questions about conflicts of interest in foreign affairs First I have a question about Russia and then one about China On Russia you told me last year that you were unfamiliar with the Senate report that alleged that the first son or a company leaped to the first son received $3.5 million from the richest woman in Russia subsequent reporting indicates the President Biden when he was vice president had been a dinner in Georgetown with the same woman in 2015 She has not been sanctioned yet by the U.S. government How was President Biden navigating conflicts of interest when it comes to the sanctioning people Did you follow this Because it's critically important It's critically important that Biden president administration makes a stand up there and thumped their jobs No one's given sanctions against Russia as stringent in a strict and as awful as we have We've gotten all the oligarchs all the oligarchs that are propping up Vladimir Putin we put sanctions on them and we're going to split them dry and we're going to hurt them and we're going to harmonize where the worst of these sanctions are the worst Guess who didn't get sanctioned Guess what oligarch didn't get sanctioned in this go around As Russian tanks are rolling through the streets of Ukraine and crushing women and children under their tractor treads As Vladimir Putin is dropping missiles from the sky on innocent families and lives in homes and apartment buildings civilians that have no tactical advantage to being destroyed it's just inflicting bloody mayhem on the people of Ukraine Guess who avoided any sanctions The Russian woman that hunter got three and a half $1 million from and Joe had dinner with in Georgetown In 2015 The wife of the former mayor of Moscow when you're the wife of the former mayor of Moscow and you got three and a half $1 million around to throw at the crackhead degenerate son of the former vice

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