Cully Stimson: Putin Will Forever Be Branded a War Criminal


What do you attribute that to I have heard of various explanations grift corruption and the Russian military people stealing equipment old equipment poor training what do you primarily attribute that to Well you know I served in the navy jag corps for 30 years and just retired this year But I was not a war fighter I was a lawyer of two war fighters but my analysis is based on listening to people who are war fighters and who I respect And I think not only the things that you mentioned are factors in it But they're just not good at combined armed operations I think that was a surprise to the season hands at The Pentagon and retired military analysts that you would think that they would have perfected coordinating air land and personnel moves in coordinated operations even through multiple entry points But they weren't And God bless the Ukrainians and their love of country and their desire to defend their country and of course we've played our part we can debate whether we played enough of a pardon providing them arms And so is NATO But they have just not Putin's folks have not lived up to what we thought was the big bad Russian army And so they were creating they're probably pointing their attentions now towards the eastern Donbass region from all written reports I don't think that means they're given up on Keith and the rest of it And of course they're clearly engaged in a war crimes by indiscriminately killing civilians targeting children women hospitals And so however this thing ends Putin and his ilk will forever be branded a war criminal And that's people can't forget that

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