Report: Conservatives Are Split About Florida's Actions Over Disney


There's a story out talking about how conservatives are split are divided on the state of Florida, stripping Disney of the special tax and regulatory exemptions that Disney enjoys through the reedy creek improvement district. Some folks over at the national review don't forget national review famously with their never Trump edition right before the 2016 election, desperately trying to stop Trump from being elected. National review, these are institutional Republicans. This is the way we used to conduct political dialog in America, the national review way, the genteel, country club, smack each other on the back, and hope that the Democrats play nice with us. Those days are gone. Those days as evidenced by Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan and Louie gohmert and others who are boisterous, they're loud, they're in the Democrats face, they're in the media's face, it's a new day, and Ron DeSantis is a new breed of Republican. The elites don't like him. Republican establishment types don't like Ron DeSantis. They certainly didn't like Trump. And they don't like this new way of trying to win. PS, not just trying, but winning. Desantis has had victory after victory after victory based on that town hall that Laura Ingraham had with him last night on Fox News. I think Laura called an Elvis

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