Nilsa Alvarez Unpacks America's Political Truth


Now you've worked on some very successful campaigns. You've advised the senator Rick Scott Ron DeSantis, a worked on the Trump campaign. Can you unpack for us the truth of what's been happening politically in the last ten years in America? Because if you look at the figures from 2020, it is remarkable, of course this will be denied by the left behind closed doors. They're very worried about it, of course. But if you look at the figures for minority support for this non politician for president Trump, you see not only a 12 13 million vote increase between 16 and 20, you also see the highest rate of minority support for president Trump in the black and the Hispanic community in comparison to any Republican candidate or incumbent since the 1960s, so is it too much to say Nelson that this is an awakening? Can you unpack for us what is happening? Because we've been told for so long that, oh, the Democrats succeeded. They painted the GOP with a brush that they don't care. They're not interested in the minority of vote. What's changed in the last decade? Well, that's an amazing question. And just to bring some perspective when I serviced these different campaigns, it was under the umbrella of the GOP as a faith and Hispanic engagement director where I managed several campaign offices one for Trump in Hialeah in 2016 and then desantis and Scott in 2018 and Broward county. And so in 2015, the data was showing us and because I'm a pastor's wife and my connections were really in the ministry world. I would say that the data was showing that only 5% of church goers were participating in primaries, which is a very, very bad, it was just bad news for the evangelical and the Hispanic faith vote. So we started a very aggressive voter registration operation with our network of ministries and it ended up being the largest voter registration operation in the state of Florida, leading into 2016. And because so much was at stake in 2016, just the body of price in the Hispanic faith community started waking up and starting. We started having a record number of Hispanics that were registering as Republicans at our voter registration drives, not because we were waving a partisan banner, but because when they understood which party stood for their Hispanic conservative values, they started realizing on their own. Oh my gosh, I'm

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