What Is the Biggest Threat Facing America?


Is the threat to America? Let's listen to the man who should be in charge for domestic threats. He is the director of the federal bureau of investigations, Chris ray. So whenever we've had the chance, we've tried to emphasize that this is a top concern and remains so for the FBI. In fact, in fact, we viewed it as such a critical threat that back in June of 2019, under my leadership, we elevated racially and ethnically motivated violent extremism to our highest threat priority. On the same level with ISIS and homegrown violent extremists. But what kind of racially motivated terrorism and violence? Is it Black Lives Matter? Is it a tax against Asians in New York by another ethnic minority? No, Christopher wray was talking about white supremacy. White nationalism has been raised. You heard his words white nationalism has been raised to the same threat level. He didn't use the word. Jihadism, but he mentioned Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

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