Dinesh Reveals Why Elon Musk Is Giving the Left Panic Attacks


I want to talk about Elon Musk and Twitter and I speak about this with someone who has an almost vested stake in this because quite honestly, the great traction behind our movie is in part being driven by Twitter. I don't mean the Twitter I was pushing, and I mean the fact that there's free speech or something closely approximating free speech, this is how we can talk openly about topics and quite honestly we can't talk about the same topics on a number of the other platforms. And but you'd be like YouTube. And Facebook. Yeah, I mean, those platforms have become a joke. I mean, we're still on them, at least for now, Debbie's like, who knows how long we're going to be on those platforms. We don't know and quite honestly, at the end of the day, we don't care. But let's come back to Elon Musk because his vision for Twitter. And he's going to be in the saddle very shortly. It's really important. I find it kind of funny, by the way, that he's been kind of whipping Jack Dorsey into shape because Jack Dorsey was kind of like the big tough guy that John Travolta character and calling the marching orders. And now Jack Dorsey appears to be like Elon Musk's sidekick. He's like tonto and Elon Musk is like the lone ranger. And so Jack Dorsey now says things like, no, no, no. We can't permanently bound anyone from Twitter. Wasn't I'm the Jack Dorsey that Trump got permanently banned. So now that Elon Musk goes no prominent bands, Jack Dorsey is no point in bands. It's kind of fun to watch. I mean, it's like watching a bully who's been reduced to groveling because another bigger guy has

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