Elon Musk Sweetens the Deal for Twitter


It. So Elon Musk, sweetening the deal here. He says he's come up with the financing, which is really pretty significant. He's been clearly working on that Morgan Stanley was his banker. Morgan Stanley, as well as a group of other banks, they have lined up the financing with him and he's got, he's got the means to do this. He's also got the means to actually sweeten the deal by about three $1 billion. So 25.5 billion in financing is coming from this group of banks, as I said, led by Morgan Stanley, including a 12 and a half $1 billion $1 billion worth of margin loan against Tesla shares that Elon owns. The rest of the money is actually coming out of Elon's pocket. $21 billion is going to spend right out of his own pocket to get this done at three and a half $1 billion more than the original $43 billion offering. So translation here, this guy is serious and it's going to be increasingly hard for the board to turn this one down. There is a board meeting coming up later next month, Jack Dorsey, his term is actually expiring, we'll talk about that in a little bit. But this meeting is going to be pretty

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