MSNBC Pundit Floats Lies About Republican Males


The vile, truly vile stuff. They can't defend anything that they've done. Because they ruined education, they ruined the economy. They've ruined the military. They ruin everything they touch. The left. That's the best understanding you can have of the left. They only know how to destroy the latest is how to destroy the Republican Party and America. Sunny deutsch is an exemplar. Here he is. Every night, morning consult polls said that 23% of Republican males are okay with white nationalist white supremacist views. That's one in four Republican males. Okay, one minute, one minute. One in four Republican males is okay with white supremacist views? Who did he say took that pole? Morning consult? Okay, why don't we know any given the number of Republicans we know? Sean is the only white supremacist that I know, and even he's leaving the white supremacy. He is now into Scottish supremacy. He is refined it. White Schmitt, Scott's ah, right? I got you right, exactly. Exactly right. I'm making light of it because it's so sick. One out of four Republicans believes in white supremacy.

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