LBJ and the Issue of Fatherless Birth Rates


Talk about some issues. Just Larry is a font of stats. And he just spewed out these stats on the stage. And when he said, more than 70% of all black children are born to fatherless homes. You go, you know, how much money has government spent on the minority betterment since the great society. What's 19 says? So let's 50 years. Right. And the poverty rates, they're not lower. The poverty rates are the same or higher. But the fatherless birth rates have exploded. So how do we even begin to grasp that nettle if there's an incentive? Well, I think that one of the things you have to look at, the answer to that really for starters goes back to LBJ. I'm going to have these inwards voting Democrat for 200 years I'm going to lock them in. I'm going to, I'm going to buy the vote. Absolutely. And then you go and you look at how they fundamentally broke apart the nuclear family, which you still happening today. Which was in the BLM. Website until they scrubbed it. It's really scrubbed it. But that was, you know, there's nothing new under the sun. You know, these guys are doing the same thing over again. But back then, it was, hey, if you had a certain income level, which husbands or fathers were most of the times the breadwinner, if you had these income level, you didn't qualify for X, Y, and Z and so dad started walking away so that families could be supported on these government programs. That translated and devolved really into fatherless homes and man, you break apart the nuclear family, and we see the negative impacts of that in community still to this day. And so they knew what they were doing. It was systemic and LGBT LBJ told us. Right. He told us, he gave us the answer to the test and years and years and years later exactly his prophecy if you call that his coming true.

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