New York Red Flag Law Missed the Buffalo Shooter


No, Matt, I don't know if you were on the air on Sunday. I got a day to absorb the buffalo atrocity before I had to comment on it in between there occurred the Orange County atrocity. And so I'm able to talk. I've been on the air live when shootings have occurred. And I was on the air live with 9 11. It's always hard to speak into that. But yesterday, Chuck Schumer blamed Fox News for it. I always think the Democrats go a bridge too far. I always think it's mental illness combined. And this kid's a racist. He's obviously fell into the rabbit hole of replacement theory and other weird nonsense. That comes out of white supremacist supremacism that needs to be denounced. But what do you say when the gun control advocates arrive? And New York has a red flag law, a red flag law that did not work. I like red flag laws. They're called stop orders in Arizona. Severe threat order of protection. I like that. It didn't work. It's on the books. What more can we do? I also support red flag laws. And I think this is a clear case of the system failing. The system's failing at every level, the shooter was referred to a mental health evaluation, which he confesses in one of his journal entries he manipulated in order to get a pass. So people weren't paying attention at the school. They weren't paying attention at the medical level. I also am very curious about the family situation. You know, he was there in the house with during the pandemic. That's where he says he began his radicalization. What were the parents doing? So this is a systemic failure. And I do think that we have to be aware that this subculture exists online and people have to be very wary of it and prepare to direct kids away from it. But you also need to have a situation where people in positions of authority are aware of these sorts of threats as they emerge and do what they can to stop them in the case of New York where you did have a red flag law. I think more needed to be done to prevent this young man from obtaining me awful weapons.

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