Biden Administration Revisits Failed Obama Middle East Policies


Now, congressman, I got a new column up over at The Washington Post on the fact that we have a new axis. Russia, Khamenei and Iran and she and China. And being critical of Putin is being like critical of Mussolini in 1938. What about tojo and Hitler? And we've got these other two adversaries. You've recommended steps to help Taiwan. What about helping Israel and the other states in the Arab partnership with Israel threatened by Iran? Well, this is critical to you because what have we seen in the last few days? And something that is really unprecedented or at least in my lifetime I've never seen there was basically a Saturday Night Live sketch that came out of Saudi Arabia criticizing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And I think that gives you a window into just how far the relationship between the United States and our traditional Arab allies in the Middle East has trade. And that is a function of the fact that the Biden administration has pursued a resurrection of the Obama Iran deal. And of course, by doing that, they are messing up all of the progress we made in the Trump administration with the Abraham accords.

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