Jesse Watters: Why Are We Feeding Illegals Before Americans?


Jesse watters had his own unique take on this reprehensible situation yesterday on Fox News channel. Why are we feeding illegal babies ahead of American babies? Why can illegals get baby formula from border agents, but we can't get it at Walgreens? Does any of this make sense? None of this is rocket science. For instance, we have oil in Alaska. Gas. Just broke a record. It's almost what? Four 50 a gallon? What is Joe Biden do today? Shuts down a massive oil lease in the state of Alaska. Is anybody in The White House thinking? Inflation is at a record high. So how about we stop spending and stop printing? Right? It's the same thing with defund the police. We want to treat everybody on the street with respect, but we want to give the police the tools to fight crime. Everybody agrees with that. Judge jeanine said the other day, mayor Adams and Manhattan, taken thousands of guns off the street, but the crime is going up. Why? Because we're not taking the criminals off the street.

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