Donald Trump Mocks Rep. Nancy Mace for Trump Tower Video


She's totally manipulated by raging never trumpers and the radical left Democrats that are poisoning our country. She's a terrible person and she has no idea what she's doing. Nancy mace right after hearing I was going to endorse a really wonderful person a different candidate. She went to New York and sit in front of the magnificent Trump towers. Anyone ever heard of Trump Tower? And did a commercial insinuating that I was endorsing her. She's standing in front of Trump Tower in New York. I'm saying, can you believe that? Pause that real quick. I'm sorry. That's about he's talking about Nancy mace, who's another South Carolina congresswoman who I believe is being called the Liz Cheney of the south. Let's continue. So just like everything else she does, thankfully, this June, you have the chance to dump these grandstanding losers and replace them with two rock solid, America first champions, Russell fry, Russell Wes Russell, Russell fry. And Katie arrington, where are you? Come on up. Now, Katie arrington is the woman who's challenging Nancy mace. I believe Katie arrington would have won in November had she not been in a terrible nearly fatal car accident. Katie arrington, we've interviewed her on this show. She's terrific.

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