Mainstream Meeting Is Obsessed Over Leaked Kevin McCarthy Tape


Thing the mainstream media is obsessed with these days, if you look over at MSNBC or CNN, and I did, big mistake. They are fixated on this audio tape and a book by a couple of New York Times reporters hoping to continue to stir and spotlight divisiveness among the Republicans because Kevin McCarthy was on the phone with Liz Cheney two days after January 6th. And Kevin McCarthy on tape said he was going to suggest that president Trump resign. Which is, of course, absurd. He had a few days left in his presidency as my friend Mark likes to say, January 6th, 8 some people's brains. Some people became consumed with confusion, lack of focus, and you know, we've seen the images of legislators with gas masks on hiding under tables in the chamber of the House, the barricades that were put up. We saw the video of Ashley babbitt shot dead by a capitol police officer who was thoroughly exonerated in shooting and killing her. But they had a big pile of chairs, I think we ought to take a little bit of time to have a bit of compassion for how that messed with people's heads.

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