Ron DeSantis Evolved From a State Figure to a National One


Desantis has turned his state position into a national platform more than any governor in recent memory. People have talked about other governors, Greg Abbott and Texas, Christie nome, as being potential candidates in the future, but I think it's probably fair to say that neither of them are commenting or taken as national figures yet. But scientists really is. He's not just taken as a prospect for the future, but as a national figure now. And CNN has noticed that. They go on to talk about the way that desantis has a cross the board been advancing the conservative agenda. Of course, is, well, his very latest move is to set up, but I kind of love the term, the election police. Now, I don't even think this guy has seen 2000 mules yet, but he's clearly aware that a, there's a problem and B, there's a lot of concern on this side of the aisle about that problem. In other words, no one is ready to forget about well, there are a few Republican establishment of those figure out about the 2020 election. Let's not look in the rearview mirror dinesh. Well, we can't really go forward without knowing the truth about what actually happened. So desantis, I think, has a political antenna that recognizes this. And so he's taking steps in that area. He's obviously pulled the tax support for Disney. And I'll talk about that a little bit later in the podcast today. And on the show, he's taken on critical race theory, the Florida, the state of Florida, that recently rejected a whole bunch of math textbooks. Why? Because they have all kinds of emotional and quote social learning. Well, how do you, when you look at an equation, how does it how does it make you feel? You feel sort of intimidated by numbers. And look, I'm not saying that there's no place at all for some consideration of how you feel. But a little bit of ruthlessness, I think, is the right approach. I mean, I say this is someone who was subject to a pretty heavy handed math education. Memorize this. Remember these formulas. And then just apply them to see which one works in a given situation. This is not ultimately about whether you are feeling sad today. This is about getting the correct answer.

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