How the Lord Told Victor Marx to Go to Iraq Through His Wife


And it eventually led to the opportunity to go to Iraq when ISIS invaded and started attacking and killing and the lord told me to go through my wife. And I had just come back from Burma and she's like, I think the lord wants you to go to Iraq. And I'm like, no, he doesn't. And we got in a good discussion about it. And I'm like, hey, I still got the mosquito fever right now. I'm not ready to, and she goes, we ought to pray. Have you prayed yet? I'm like, what's that got to do with it? And she said, pray. And I did. I didn't even finish the prayer. The lord said, yeah, you're going to go. And then I put together a team, the mission was to help some girls who had been held captive by ISIS to help them recover from the trauma of it. And this was while ISIS is everywhere. I put together a great team, former SEAL Team guys, delta, some marines, did I say seal? Still team guys, because if there's a picture taken, you got to have a seal. I served in the Marine Corps, so some of you will get that. And put the team together. I said, okay, this is the mission.

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